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WebNowPlaying CLI

A CLI adapter for WebNowPlaying.
Support for desktop players is limited to Windows as of now.


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Currently, the daemon has to be started manually, with wnpcli start-daemon.
This might change in the future if I package the software / create an installer.

Usage: wnpcli [OPTION...] COMMAND [ARG]

Available Commands:
  start-daemon            Starts the daemon
  stop-daemon             Stops the daemon
  metadata [key]          Prints metadata information
  set-state [state]       Can be PLAYING, PAUSED or STOPPED
  skip-previous           Skip to the previous track
  skip-next               Skip to the next track
  set-position [x][+/-]   Set the position or seek forward/backward x in seconds
  set-volume [x]          Set the volume from 0 to 100
  set-rating [x]          Set the rating from 0 to 5
  set-repeat [repeat]     Set the repeat mode. Can be NONE, ALL or ONE
  set-shuffle [shuffle]   Set the shuffle. Can be 0 or 1
  play-pause              Toggle between playing/paused
  toggle-repeat           Toggle between repeat modes
  select-active           Set the selection to the active player
  select-previous         Set the selection to the previous player
  select-next             Set the selection to the next player

Available Options:
  -p, --player=ID         The player to target. Can be active, selected, or a players ID (default: active)
  -f, --format=FORMAT     A format string for printing properties and metadata
  -F, --follow            Block and append the query to output when it changes
  -l, --list-all          List the ids of all players
  -w, --wait              Block until the event finishes
  -h, --help              Show this help list
  -v, --version           Print program version

Released under the MIT License.