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Full changelog available via Github Commits


  • No longer forces users to grant missing permissions


  • Improved support for all sites *¹
  • Added support for v3 adapters
    • Events now return event results indicating whether they succeeded or failed
    • Adapters get sent all players instead of just the active one
    • Events can be sent to any player instead of just the active one
    • Players report their available repeat modes
    • Repeat mode can now be set invididually instead of toggled
    • Shuffle can now be set instead of toggled
  • Ask for permissions in the settings interface when browsers didn't prompt the user
  • non-v3 adapters will toggle repeat modes in a consistent order (NONE -> ALL -> ONE), skipping unavailable ones
  • Optimization / performance improvements
  • Removed manual and automatic reporting functionality
  • Added CLI adapter
  • Updated the settings interface
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements

*¹ See


  • Added support for


  • Fixed Apple Music Duration


  • Disabled reports as they are currently useless


  • Fixed YouTube Music covers


  • Updated links to new documentation
  • Remove " - Topic" from artists


  • Properly fix what should have been fixed in 2.0.3 and 2.0.4


  • Fixed Spotify rating


  • Now always skips to the previous song instead of the beginning of the song


  • Added support for Kick


  • Added support for Yandex Music


  • Added controls for Native APIs
  • Updated communication protocol to revision 2
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Better supports for Jellyfin covers
  • "Unsupported Sites" can no longer run on disabled supported sites
  • Fix some issues with the new Settings UI


  • Updated the settings UI to allow for more control over the adapters connection state
  • Added support for Jellyfin
  • Added support for Invidious
  • Added OBS adapter
  • Fixed YouTube music cover not returning sometimes
  • Fixed YouTube and Twitch volume being discarded after switching videos/streams
  • Improved re-connection logic, especially on Firefox
  • Switched to using local storage instead of synced storage. This means extension settings will not sync across browsers and they will have reset after updating to this version
  • Sends media info right after connecting to a adapter, instead of once something updated


  • Various small bug fixes


  • Update settings UI
  • Fix 'Unsupported Websites' returning a poorly formatted cover URL
  • Other minor fixes


  • Fixed generic site initializing more than once


  • Added Netflix support
  • Added chapter skipping on YouTube, (Settings UI -> Supported Sites -> YouTube -> Settings Icon) to enable
  • Fixed YouTube Music volume not setting correctly
  • Added button in settings UI to 'Apply and Reload'
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Added support for Navidrome
  • Added support for Radio Addict
  • Added support for YouTube Shorts
  • Now opens one websocket per adapter instead of one per adapter per tab
  • Enabled version checking
  • Show authors next to adapter name
  • Various other fixes


  • Fixed a memory leak and various other bug fixes.


  • Initial Release

Released under the MIT License.