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Note: This information is only relevant only if you use the Rainmeter Plugin.

Spicetify is a modification for Spotify Desktop that allows you to customize the official Spotify client. It allows the injection of extensions and themes.

It was previously used to connect WebNowPlaying with Spotify Desktop.

With version 2.0.0 and newer, WebNowPlaying can directly interact with Spotify Desktop, and Spicetify is no longer needed.

If you were instructed to install Spicetify for WebNowPlaying and you are using v2.0.0 or a newer version, please uninstall Spicetify and update your WebNowPlaying plugin.

Ideally, use Spotify's website instead of their desktop app for the best experience.

If you can't use WebNowPlaying version 2.0.0 and/or wish to continue using Spicetify, downgrade to v1.2.0 of the plugin.

Released under the MIT License.