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Supported Sites

Apple MusicFully supported
BandcampFully supported
DeezerFully supported
InvidiousFully supported
JellyfinPartially supported: music player missing
KickFully supported
NavidromeFully supported
NetflixFully supported
PandoraPartially supported, unmaintained: region-locked
PlexPartially supported: Their player is a mess
Radio AddictFully supported
SoundCloudFully supported
SpotifyFully supported
TidalPartially supported, unmaintained: paid-only
TwitchFully supported
VKFully supported
Yandex MusicPartially supported, unmaintained: region-locked
YouTubeFully supported
YouTube EmbedsFully supported
YouTube MusicFully supported


Unsupported sites

Enabling "Try to parse media on unsupported websites" under "Unsupported Sites" in the extension settings might work. Read more here.

Released under the MIT License.