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The settings panel is accessible by clicking on the extension icon in your toolbar or the extension overflow menu.


The Adapters tab shows a list of all available adapters.
Toggling the checkbox on the left will enable or disable them.

At the bottom, there is a checkbox for "Use Native APIs", which refers to Desktop Players

Supported Sites

The Supported Sites tab lists all available supported sites and allows toggling them on or off.
Certain sites like YouTube also have a settings icon next to them, clicking it reveals more settings about the site.

Unsupported Sites

"Unsupported Sites" are sites that don't have explicit support like ones from the previous tab.
Enabling these isn't guaranteed to work, but it usually does a good job.

You can either enable it for all websites or set a allow/deny list.

Report Issues

Here you can directly send a report or enable automatic error reporting.

Released under the MIT License.