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OBS Script

Note: This script is using the unmaintained PyWNP library.
It will continue to work but newer features will not be available.

Adding python to OBS

  • Install Python 3.10 (link) and sure to check "Add python.exe to PATH".
  • In OBS, go to Tools -> Scripts -> Python Settings, and add the path to your Python installation.
    (On windows, run where python in cmd to find the installation location.)

Installing the script

  • Open the command prompt and run python -m pip install pywnp
  • Download, then add it in the Scripts tab.
  • Select a Widget or click "Create Sources" in the Scripts window.


  • Replace with the latest version from releases:
  • Open the command prompt and run python -m pip install --upgrade pywnp.

Known Issues

  • Reloading the script might cause it to spam errors or not work at all. If you need to reload it for some reason, restart OBS. If you have reloaded the script and it still doesn't work after restarting OBS, try restarting your computer.

Released under the MIT License.